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General Insurance

General Insurance from Hull Maynard Hersey

Operating any business involves a certain level of risk. And while you may take every possible precaution against accidents, there may still be physical injuries or property damage that occurs as a result of daily operations.

General liability insurance provides a safety net for those risks and ensures a quick recovery following any accidents or other damages.

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What can commercial general liability insurance cover?

General liability insurance can come into play for a wide range of everyday scenarios faced by different businesses.

Here are just a few examples.

  • Your company is facing a lawsuit for false advertising claims.
  • A customer enters your store and slips on a freshly mopped floor. They are seeking compensation for medical costs resulting from their injuries.
  • You are a general contractor managing a crew remodeling a client’s home. A large appliance is dropped and broken. It must now be replaced at a cost to your business.

Like other types of insurance, general liability coverage will kick in after you have paid the deductible on your policy. In addition, any costs surpassing the coverage limits on your policy will remain your responsibility. Therefore, you may supplement general liability coverage with commercial property insurance or an umbrella insurance policy, depending on how your business interacts with the public.


Who needs general liability insurance coverage?

General liability is a type of commercial insurance, so it caters to the needs of different businesses. As a general rule, if your business operates on clients’ properties, you should carry general liability insurance to cover any damage to those properties that may occur during your work. For example, general liability insurance for contractors is a construction industry standard. Many other types of small businesses can benefit as well. If you’re in any of the following industries, give our agents a call to check up on your general liability coverage needs:

  • Janitorial Services
  • Landscaping
  • Consulting
  • Marketing
  • Real Estate
  • IT
  • Construction and Remodeling

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What factors influence general liability insurance cost?

Your coverage costs will vary depending on several factors. If your business faces more potential risks, then your coverage will come at a higher cost. For example, a landscaping company would pay more for general liability insurance than a small retail store. In addition to the nature and location of your work, your general liability quote will account for the number of employees you have, the different cities or states where you do business, and safety training required for the employees of your business.

Hull Maynard Hersey Insurance offers agile commercial insurance options to help your small business thrive, even when the unexpected occurs. Contact us today for insurance solutions in Vermont, New Hampshire, Maine, New York, and Massachusetts.

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