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Providing insurance coverage to Rutland and all of Vermont is our mission at the Hull Maynard Hersey Insurance Agency. As an independent agency, we can help you find the best deal on automobiles, homes, health, and more.

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Our agency offers customized insurance solutions. And a wide variety of flexible, competitively priced options are available through Hull Maynard Hersey Insurance. We offer a wide range of insurance coverage, including auto insurance.
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Feel free to contact us for a free, competitive quote. Providing you with information about your insurance options will help you make an informed decision. We can assist you in protecting yourself and saving you money by helping you choose the right insurance company.

We're Always There For You

If you have any queries or need help selecting the right coverage for your needs, our local agents are always on hand to assist you. Consequently, HMH Insurance offers affordable coverage from start to finish, offering the lowest average premiums for both minimal and full coverage. 
Our Goal

Your Dedicated Insurance Agency in Rutland, VT

It can be challenging to understand insurance. We make it easy for you. Our goal is to make insurance as transparent and user-friendly as possible.

We treat our customers like family at Hull Maynard Hersey Insurance. There are real and licensed Rutland insurance agents who are here to serve you when you need them, and we are here to do that for you.

In addition to delivering customized insurance solutions, we are an independent insurance agency. The insurance products we offer are both personal and commercial. We offer homeowners, auto, life, recreational vehicle, and many other types of personal insurance to individuals and groups alike. 

In fact, we offer a wide range of insurance products. Find out more by visiting our pages. Check out all the options for insurance. Or feel free to contact us for a free, competitive quote.

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What We Offer

Insurance Programs We Offer

Each insurance agency is different! It is important to choose one that offers the right value, service, and price. Having trouble finding what you need? Our services go far beyond what you might expect!

Car Insurance Rutland VT

You can protect yourself and your loved ones with the HMH car insurance agency in Rutland, Vermont.

Insurance can be expensive, especially for new drivers or for luxury vehicles, but it can save you dollars if your vehicle is damaged or stolen. We are a car insurance agency that provides good coverage at a reasonable rate and excellent customer service.

With our car insurance company in Rutland Vermont, you'll be covered for property damage, replacement parts for your car, medical expenses, and roadside assistance if you're involved in an accident. You can compare auto insurance policies with Hull Maynard Hersey Insurance and get options.

There are various Beneficial coverage options available, including collision, liability, comprehensive, uninsured, or underinsured motor vehicle coverage, and medical payments coverage. In addition to our excellent car insurance coverage, HMH Insurance offers a number of additional protection options, including:

  • Insurance coverage for liability
  • Providing comprehensive coverage
  • Coverage after a collision
  • Underinsured and uninsured motorist coverage
  • Allowing accidents to be forgiven
  • A policy of forgiving minor violations
  • Providing roadside assistance
  • Insuring specialty vehicles
  • Getting towed
  • Reimbursement for rent
  • PIP (Personal Injury Protection)
  • Coverage for medical expenses

For people who can bundle their insurance products and save on overall coverage, HMH insurance agency could be a good option.

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Vermont Auto Insurance

Auto Insurance Rutland

We can compare auto insurance policies and provide you with a variety of coverage options.

Your independence behind the wheel is ensured by having proper Auto Insurance. Keep your car insured to ensure you're prepared in case of accidents, injuries, or hit-and-runs. 

To ensure you have the best coverage possible, Hull Maynard Hersey Insurance combines premium coverage with personalized service. We will make sure you and your drivers are properly insured by working one-on-one with our insurance specialists.

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auto insurance

Home Insurance Rutland VT

Ensure that your safe haven is protected. Make sure your most valuable asset is protected with the right coverage.

Get home insurance tailored to your needs to protect your biggest asset. Having four walls and a roof is not enough to make your home a home. There are treasures and little details inside those walls that tell visitors who you are, where you've been, and what matters most to you.

It's our mission to be your advocate in times of need when it comes to your home insurance Rutland VT.  As the best home insurance team in the region, our local insurance professionals are here to help you protect your home with their training and expertise. Getting the right home insurance coverage is what we do for Vermont homeowners. Don't let anything unexpected happen to you.

  • In the event of a fire, you would have to replace your home and pay off your mortgage.
  • The cost of repairing your garage after a tree fell on it could be thousands of dollars.
  • As the owner of the property, you will have to pay damages and medical expenses if a guest or stranger is injured on your property.

You can get back to where you were before the loss occurred with homeowners’ insurance in Rutland. In case of an accident, theft, or other random incident involving your home, this insurance program provides compensation for damages to your house and possessions within it. A local independent insurance agent can help you understand your options, and what's covered and what isn't, so you're in a better position to deal with claims. Your policy should cover valuable personal property separately.

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Home Insurance in Vermont

Business Insurance in Rutland

Take steps to minimize your business's losses!

We understand the needs of businesses in our community, so HMH offers insurance coverage for them. Consider your business's insurance needs carefully for peace of mind.

Regardless of the business you operate, every day is dedicated to doing your job well and providing the best service to your customers. Providing you with the coverage you need to ensure your business's security is HMH Insurance's way of returning the favor. 

Disasters that affect your business cause devastation that can't be prepared for, and dealing with insurers simply compounds the problem. Insurance agencies can sometimes be slow and frustrating to pay out, leaving claimants feeling more like criminals than victims. 

You can focus on your day-to-day operations because Hull Maynard Hersey Insurance keeps your business protected. You can make sure that your business is protected from top to bottom with the right insurance plan. Your business assets can be managed in the following ways: 

  • Insurance for commercial properties
  • Liability insurance for commercial enterprises
  • BOP (Business Owners Policy)
  • Insurance for inland marine vessels
  • Auto insurance for businesses
  • Umbrella insurance for businesses
  • Liability in the professional realm
  • Indemnity for workers
  • Insurance for crimes
  • There is so much more...

Rutland businesses with HMH policies benefit from both business property and business liability coverage. Protect your business with Public Liability Insurance in the event of an accident on your property. Anyone who is willing to offer friendly support to local startups will be promoted.

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Commercial Property Insurance

Having business & real estate property insurance in Rutland can provide a lot of protection for your company.

Do you own a commercial property? It covers buildings, inventory, equipment, tools, and more, making it one of the most common types of business insurance. Natural or man-made disasters such as burglaries, fires, windstorms, vandalism, and others are typically covered.  

HMH insurance Agency is an independent agency that can help you determine the type and range of insurance coverage that will work best for your business.

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Commercial Property Insurance Vermont

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More Insurance

More Insurance Programs that We Offer in Rutland VT 

Workers’ Compensation Insurance

Workers' compensation insurance covers on-job injuries.

A workers' compensation policy protects employers against workers' compensation liability imposed by workers' compensation laws for injuries or deaths occurring at work. Our agency will also provide death benefits to families of workers who are killed in the course of their employment.

With Hull Maynard Hersey Insurance, your employees can receive the benefits they deserve if they suffer work-related injuries or illnesses. Medical bills associated with work-related injuries and illnesses are usually covered by employers. As a consequence of employment, this coverage also covers certain illnesses and occupational diseases. Find out more about workers' compensation insurance on our website.

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Workers’ Compensation

Motorcycle Insurance

When your motorcycle is damaged by an accident, your motorcycle insurance can cover the costs of restoring it.

Don't drive without insurance. Motorcycle insurance can be found at the best price when you work with an independent agent. It is a contract between the bike owner and the insurance company that provides coverage for the bike owner against loss or damage resulting from accidents. While riding a motorbike, you will be covered for any accidental damage.

We can insure your motorcycle at Hull Maynard Hersey Insurance. In case of an accident/theft, bike insurance offers financial protection as well as third-party liability coverage. Consequently, we will compensate the insured if the vehicle or its accessories are lost or damaged.

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Umbrella Insurance

Our Umbrella Insurance policy provides additional protection over and above existing limits and coverages.

Aside from providing coverage for injuries, property damage, and certain lawsuits, we also cover personal liability situations. Family members living in your household are covered by the personal umbrella policy as well.

In addition to traditional coverage, umbrella insurance provides an extra layer of peace of mind. In order to protect yourself and your property from the unexpected, you should purchase any type of insurance. In case of a major accident or claim, our umbrella policy is an affordable way to ensure you're covered.

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Umbrella insurance in Vermont

Life Insurance

In case of death, our life insurance pays a lump sum benefit to your beneficiaries. Invest in life insurance to protect your family's future. Make sure your loved ones' future isn't left to chance.

In planning for your loved ones' future, having the right life insurance is crucial. If you pass away, your family can benefit from life insurance. 

A life insurance policy provides beneficiaries with a lump sum benefit after you die. For this, we have two options: Term Life Insurance & Permanent Life Insurance. A term life insurance policy provides coverage for a set period of time. The permanent policy, however, remains active throughout the policyholder's life, provided all other terms of the policy are met.

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Life Insurance Coverage in Vermont

General Insurance

The term general insurance refers to insurance contracts that do not fall under the life insurance umbrella.  Among the types of general insurance that we provide are fire, accident, marine, motor, and other miscellaneous non-life insurance.

General insurance policies, such as automobile and homeowner’s policies, provide payments based on losses incurred from specific financial events. We at HMH insurance are dedicated to providing you with the best insurance coverage, regardless of your needs. You can also find the coverage you need through our trained local agents and get the discounts you deserve. We offer Boat & Snowmobile insurance under our General Insurance category.

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umbrella insurance policy

Boat Insurance

If you want to enjoy more of your days on the water worry-free, our insurance can help you obtain boat insurance.

It is possible to explore the waters of rivers, coastlines, and lakes when you own a boat. The unpredictable nature of marine travel and recreation requires boat insurance coverage before you can get out on the water. A dedicated boat insurance policy is a good idea unless your boat is mostly stored on your property.

Get the right coverage for a relaxing and worry-free time on the water. With our agency, you can find a boat insurance policy that protects your watercraft, your family, and your boating equipment.

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Watercraft Insurance

Snowmobile Insurance

We offer snowmobile insurance options through our local independent agency. 

If you own a snowmobile, you know that they are an investment and can be dangerous because of its speed. For this reason, Hull Maynard Hersey Insurance recommends that you have a Snowmobile Insurance policy. It is likely that most insurance companies will cover snowmobiles as part of their basic policies. 

Those who enjoy snowmobiling should carry snowmobile insurance, which is a specialized policy designed to protect them. Typically, these insurances combine coverages to protect against a wide range of risks associated with the sport.

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To learn more about our coverage options for auto, home, life, business, and more, please submit an online quote request or call us at (802) 773-3000.
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Insurance Agency Near Me in Rutland

Through a variety of trusted carriers, we assist people across the state in finding affordable and reliable insurance products. Our independent agency is committed to finding the right coverage at the best price for you, based on your unique needs. As independent insurance agents, we are not affiliated with any one insurance company or agency.

We offer personal and commercial insurance, such as homeowners', auto, life, business property, workers' compensation, umbrella policies, and more. Providing the best products and services to the communities we serve is just as important to us as being a part of them.

In addition, we offer specialized policies to meet the needs of your unique lifestyle. Our services are available to individuals, groups, and businesses in Rutland, VT. Our technologies are continually upgraded, and we offer our clients modern, automated solutions.

Our insurance quotes are free, with no hassle, and no obligation, so you can make an informed decision. Moreover, we provide you with the customer service you need to feel confident about purchasing any type of insurance you may require.

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Why Choose Us

Why Choose Hull Maynard Hersey Insurance

Our team will assist you in exploring your insurance options.

Further, we offer all of this and more at no cost to you when you work with Hull Maynard Hersey Insurance:

  • Multiple insurance companies offer competitive premium rates.
  • Providing paperless insurance with the convenience of electronic signatures.
  • Our expertise in finding the right cover for businesses like yours.
  • A team of insurance specialists is at your disposal to assist you with all of your insurance needs, both present, and future.
  • Our dedicated claims department provides 24/7 support.
  • Including adjusters, accountants, and surveyors, we have the best specialists in the industry.
Jill HMH
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Our Clients Love To Work With Us

HMH has more experience than any other loss assessor in Rutland with claims of all sizes and industries. The following are some more other reasons why our clients choose to work with us:
Policy List

Fit To Your Need

Help you minimize any further losses by advising you on the best course of action to take.  Your case should be handled by a team of experts. Their meticulous analysis of your situation and policy will catch crucial points that a non-professional might miss.
Customer Service

Committed to Customer Service

We ensure that there are no delays or disputes with the insurers by negotiating with them. We'll take care of all the paperwork for you, so it's presented correctly. Contact you immediately to discuss your situation.

Always Available Agents

In providing support to our clients for many years, we have earned the respect of many professionals. We Deliver results that consistently exceed expectations. Feel free to ask questions about anything you are uncertain about.
Get in touch with us today if you have any questions!
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Frequently Asked Questions

Purchasing auto insurance requires consideration of the following factors. Consult a Hull Maynard Hersey Insurance agent to discuss these items and other needs.

  • Make sure you have enough liability coverage.
  • Consider optional coverages, such as rental reimbursement or high-end audio coverage.

In a typical homeowner's policy, there are two main parts:

  1. Coverage for the insured's physical property
  2. Coverage for the insured's personal liability.

Fire, floods, accidents, man-made disasters, and theft (non-life assets) are covered by general insurance. Insurance for motor vehicles, health, travel, and homes are all types of general insurance.

Yes, as long as you have given him/her permission to drive.

Your audit may require you to prove that subcontractors are insured. By obtaining insurance certificates from subcontractors, you will avoid being charged for their exposure.

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Our Client Reviews


Excellent customer service! Prompt response to inquiries! Love that a person answers the phone!

Patricia Clark February 16, 2023

Great followup and support

Paul B February 10, 2023

Have done business with them for decades. Never had a negative experience.

Ollie Hardy February 7, 2023

Jill and team are the best there is. They are professional, personable, knowledgeable and will go to bat for you when needed. I’ve lived in different homes, owned different vehicles and been insured in different locations—no one has ever done a better job representing my needs.

Lisa Geovjian February 2, 2023

Been with these guys for years. Just compared prices with the "Big Guys", and HM was a bit better. Good local business.

Tim Puro January 28, 2023

I’ve been with them for a long time, and they’re always responsive and great in problem solving.

Susan Starr-Adams January 18, 2023

My concern was handled by Sarah, she was quick to reply and worked on my concern immediately. Superb service.

william kirk January 17, 2023

Hull Maynard Hersey Insurance Agency was extremely helpful to me in buying a new homeowner policy. She explained what my options are and guided me what coverage I should have. She also offered me good discount based on my credit history. I learned a lot in this exchange with the agent. Thanks

sudhir burman January 13, 2023

Such a pleasure working with Jill and her staff. Hull Maynard Hersey Agency is the absolute BEST!! Jill is professional, knowledgeable, and most importantly she has our best interest as her #1 goal. We've been working with Jill for decades and she has never let us down. She actually answers her phone and in this age of "please leave a message" that is extraordinary. We highly recommend Hull Maynard Hersey Agency.

Tia Fineberg January 7, 2023

I’ve been a customer of Hull Maynard for years. Top notch service and customer care!

Billie Neathawk January 7, 2023

Always experienced service and advice.

Ted in VT January 6, 2023

They quickly respond to your calls, patiently listen to your questions and resolve the issues. Efficiency and Best customer service.

Charlotte Laza Ndombe January 6, 2023

Courteous and prompt feedback was provided.

Alan Wolk December 19, 2022

Four decades of service with a personal touch, from a local business with people I can walk in to discuss questions with; personal attention to my insurance needs in various circumstances is valuable to me.

Peg Andrews December 14, 2022

Have always been helpful and professional over the 30 years I've been with them!!!

Eileen Godfrey November 30, 2022
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