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When you think about insurance coverage, you are probably envisioning protection for financial burdens that you might face in your life, such as the cost of rebuilding your home after a fire.

However, insurance can also provide you with the peace of mind that your family will be taken care of once you’re gone. Life insurance is coverage that’s designed to pay out a lump sum benefit to designated beneficiaries after you pass away.

Hull Maynard Hersey offers affordable and comprehensive life insurance in Vermont with coverage tailored to your needs. Get in touch with our insurance agent to get more details.


Types of Life Insurance Coverage in Vermont

When you visit an insurance company to discuss your life insurance needs, the question isn’t “Do you need it?” but rather “What type of coverage is right for you?”. There are a few different types of life insurance to be aware of. Here’s a look at the options:

Term life insurance has several perks: It’s affordable, predictable, and straightforward in its coverage. With term life insurance in Vermont, your listed beneficiaries will receive a pre-determined death benefit if you pass away within a given period, such as 10 or 20 years. If you want to provide your family with a safety net during your working years, term life insurance is a great option.

Unlike term life insurance, permanent policies will remain active throughout the policyholder’s life, provided that other policy terms are met. There are two different types of permanent life insurance:

Life Insurance Coverage in Vermont

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How to Purchase Coverage

If you’re the primary breadwinner in your household, this type of coverage can keep your family supported in the absence of your income. However, buying life insurance in Vermont can easily feel overwhelming. In addition to having to think about your own mortality, you’ll be faced with lots of different policy choices at a wide range of costs. Hull Maynard Hersey Insurance is here to help through every step of the process, from calculating your life insurance quote to naming your beneficiaries. We personalize our approach for you.

Because there are so many different life insurance options available, it’s important to sit down with an agent to explore your needs. Your insurance agent should take plenty of time to discuss your needs and expectations with your policy, and to walk you through the policy language in plain English. That’s exactly the type of attention you can expect with Hull Maynard Hersey Insurance.

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