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Home break-ins, fires, hailstorms, and burst pipes are all common worries for homeowners. While it’s impossible to fully prevent all accidents that may befall your household, home insurance (also called homeowners insurance) can help you gain some peace of mind. Home insurance is what provides compensation for damage to your house and the belongings within it when you’re the victim of an accident, theft, or other random incident involving your home.


What Homeowners Insurance in Vermont Covers?

Insurance policy language can be lengthy, complicated, and full of technical jargon. That’s why it’s helpful to have our agents walk you through what your home insurance policy covers—coverage may also vary significantly by policy.

Home Repairs and Household Items Coverage

Typically, homeowners insurance in Vermont covers home repairs caused by unavoidable forces of nature, such as hail or fire. However, coverage does not end there. Home insurance policies will usually cover common household items like appliances, furniture, electronics, and tools. In addition, you can add supplemental coverage for keepsakes and recreational items like cameras or jewelry.

Natural and Common Threats Coverage

Vermont Home Insurance typically covers natural threats, but you may not have coverage against any and all natural forces. For example, policies may cover damage caused by lightning, wind, and hail, but not flooding. Other common threats homeowners policies do cover are fire, theft, vandalism, and plumbing system malfunctions.

Policies to Supplement Home Insurance

In some cases, it makes sense to bundle your home insurance policies with other types of insurance to complete your coverage. For example, umbrella insurance may offer protection if someone is injured in your home and seeks compensation for their injuries. You may also need separate insurance policies for recreational vehicles stored on your property, such as boats or snowmobiles.
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How to Choose the Best Home Insurance Policy for Your Needs

Homeowners insurance coverage doesn’t look the same for everyone. In order to personalize your coverage, it’s important to gather a list of your biggest concerns for your home as well as the personal property items you hope to include in your policy.

With Hull Maynard Hersey Insurance, you can expect to shop for a home insurance policy with the help of our experienced agents. We’ll take the time to break down complex policy language and provide you with options for your insurance coverage.

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