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Worker's Compensation

Why workers’ compensation insurance is necessary?

On November 25, 2022
Workers’ compensation insurance is a vital part of the safety net for employees. It provides crucial financial assistance when employees are injured or become ill due to their job. In addition, workers’ compensation insurance can help protect employers from costly lawsuits. Many small businesses do not have workers’ compensation insurance despite its importance. This leaves […]
general insurance

Why is general insurance a must for any business?

On November 10, 2022
No business is immune to risk, so general insurance is a must for any company. In the event of an accident or unforeseen circumstance, general insurance can help to protect your business from financial hardship. This post will examine some critical reasons general insurance is vital for companies. The benefits of general insurance for businesses […]
workers' compensation

Essential Home Maintenance Tasks to Complete This Fall

On October 26, 2022
Taking care of key home improvement projects and general home maintenance in the fall will reduce your risk of minor problems turning into huge ones when winter rolls around. Many East Coast insurance companies see a dramatic rise in the winter of homeowner’s insurance claims because homeowners neglected to complete routine home maintenance tasks when […]
Property Insurance

Your business and commercial property insurance: what you need to know

On October 7, 2022
Businesses of all sizes face risks every day. While some risks can be mitigated with careful planning and management, others are unavoidable. That’s where business insurance comes in. Commercial property insurance is one of the most important types of business insurance, and it’s essential for protecting your property from damage or loss. But what does […]
Auto insurance

Why Everyone in Woodstock, VT Needs Auto Insurance

On October 6, 2022
When it comes to driving, most people in Woodstock, VT, know that you need auto insurance. But many of them may not know why. While there are several reasons why having car insurance is essential, the main one is that it protects you financially in case of an accident. It’s the Law In Vermont, it […]
Cheap Car insurance

What Is the Cheapest Car to Insure? (and Other Common Questions About Auto Insurance)

On October 5, 2022
If the cost of car insurance seems prohibitive to you and you aren’t sure if you can afford it, you may be curious about which vehicle make and model is the cheapest car to insure. Before you start comparing the cost of car insurance among different insurance companies and providers, take a look at this […]
Home Insurance

Answering Common Questions About Homeowner’s Insurance

On August 26, 2022
Investing in homeowner’s insurance offers financial protection from unexpected accidents, natural disasters, theft, property damage, and more. Your home is a haven of safety and comfort for you and your family, and it’s an investment that you want to protect at all costs. Choosing the right homeowner’s insurance plan gives you space and freedom from […]
Vermont Business Insurance

What Kinds of Insurance Do Business Owners Need?

On July 14, 2022
If you own a business in Maine, New Hampshire, Vermont, New York, or Massachusetts, it’s crucial to have the right insurance policies. Being fully covered will ensure that you are not personally or financially liable for damages in the event of an accident or injury on your business property. Insurance can also protect you if […]
Boat Insurance

Prepare for Summer with the Right Boat Insurance

On June 23, 2022
Before you go out on the water this summer, consider what you would do if you were in a boating accident that caused injuries to someone else. Or if someone else caused damage to your boat, or injured you or your family. Boat insurance covers physical damage to your boat or vessel, as well as […]
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